5 Sex Positions Meghan and Harry Probably Did To Make This Kid

We’re all aware of the different ways in which a man and a woman can make a baby, but have you ever thought about the different ways Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have done it? Don’t be shy! Here are five sex positions they probably did in order to make this kid happen:



We all know it and love it because it makes everything a lot easier: It’s missionary position! This position gets a lot of shit, but honestly there aren’t that many positions that require very little effort on a woman’s part,.Right, Meghan? Blink once if this is how you guys conceived!


Reverse Cowgirl, with a Lean

While you may think you know what to expect here (sitting on your partner while backwards) make sure you add a lean forward for added pleasure for both of you. Hold onto his ankles and get it done that way! Wow, all signs are pointing towards the fact that Meghan and Harry made this baby while she was looking at his royal feet! Congrats, but damn!


Ass First

Can you imagine if our favorite fucking princess got knocked up in doggystyle? We can! Even though no one asked us, hopefully that kid will read this article on day and ask whether mom was gettin’ railed the night he/she was conceived! Truth is, probably! Those two must have hot sex, and if not, that’s very tragic!

Definitely Oral Stuff

Find solace in the fact that no matter the position Prince Harry ejaculated into Meghan Markle to make this baby, he definitely went down on her for (we’re hoping) at least ten minutes. Also, she’s about to carry a child to term and that’s fucking miraculous! So get down there Harry and do some tongue stuff!


The Marital Embrace

While this has been fun, there is one position that Meghan and Harry absolutely did in order to bring this child into the world. And that is Meghan stradling Harry in what we like to call a “marital embrace”, their limbs wrapped around each other and their lips freaking locked. Holy shit, this is very hot to think about. Don’t stay here too long, folks – it’s not safe to imagine for very long!

While we have no evidence whatsoever that the Duke and Dutchess of Sussex did any of these sex position, we are very close to sure they must have done at least one of them. That’s insane! And if you don’t want to think about this, you’re disgusting! This is honestly the only joyful thing out there right now! Don’t fuck this up for us!