4 Ways to Fall Backwards into a Christmas Tree at an Office Party But Still Get the CEO to Fall In Love with You

So you’re a klutz who causes scenes – that’s cute and quirky! But how do you stumble around adorably enough to get the CEO of your company to finally notice you for who you really are, and become completely enchanted by you during this holiday season? You do it by failing grandly at the office Christmas party in a holiday! If you’re looking to find love in the most unexpected places this year, here are a few options for falling backwards into the tree:


Lean back casually while talking to the hot CEO and rest your arm on what you thought was a column but actually it’s a flimsy Christmas decoration.
There’s no better way to get his attention by falling into a Christmas tree than by doing it while the tall blond CEO is staring into your big brown eyes. The discord of watching you fall ass-backward will make him realize just how elegant you looked in contrast moments before as you tried to find the words to compliment his merger plans. He’s about to learn the true meaning of Christmas!


Do it when you’re trying to stop someone else from doing something embarrassing.

Maybe your boss, Trish, got the wrong end of the stick (from you) and is about to confront her boss with some factually incorrect information. Try to quickly stop her just in time by putting your hands up and saying “Trish, wait!” as she pushes you away and you fall backwards into a Christmas tree. Your scene will distract everyone from the scene Trish was about to cause and now this strong-jawed CEO has seen your undies and is totally smitten!


Fall just after you triumphantly put the star on the tree.

There’s nothing like climbing a step stool and drawing everyone’s attention to the finishing touch before you turn around to smile at everyone and suddenly lose your balance falling backwards into the tree. The glinty-eyed CEO will be laughing so hard at you that he’ll then feel sympathy for your massive embarrassment, and offer to buy you a drink around the corner to cheer you up. Oops, it worked! You’re married now.



Have someone catch your ankle with an extension cord, toppling you off balance and into the tree.
Use the bustling setup for the office party to your advantage. When someone moves the printer to make way for the desert table, you can get your leg caught so that you fall backwards and majorly destroy the elegant glass-bedecked tree that Sharon’s been setting up ALL DAY. When Sharon starts chewing you all out for your foolishness, you can catch the sympathetic eye of the CEO with the great butt, and you’re on your way to love town.


You’ve got a knack for falling. So use it to your advantage until you’re falling… in love!