4 Standing Sex Positions That Only Work If He’s 7 Inches Taller Than You

couple in bathroom

When the sexual energy in your relationship has waned, there are plenty of ways to reignite the fucking flame. But why experiment with new positions in bed, when there are so many standing positions to try? Here are four hot standing sex positions that absolutely will not work unless your guy is exactly seven inches taller than you.


London Bridge

This position is perfect for sexy intensity. With your back towards your partner, bend over and extend your hands behind you. Then let him take hold of your arms, holding you up as he enters you from behind. It’s a fun little counterbalance that only works if you have the specific height difference of seven inches. Otherwise your ass will be up on his chest or by his knees and who wants that? Not you, okay?


Reverse Spooning

Whether you’re in a tight space or just want to get intimate, this is a perfect standing sex position that will work for almost no one. Let your guy press his body against yours and penetrate you from behind, like a standing spooning position. Of course, if he’s shorter than you, he won’t be able to get enough leverage to fuck you, and then this position will be a disaster. You’ll finish in a worse mood than when you started, wondering if you’ve totally lost sexual compatibility.



For this position, you’ll want to sit on a counter or table facing your partner as he stands and faces you. This position is extremely intimate, and also completely ineffective if your guy isn’t tall enough for his dick to be counter-height. Each of you must have a very particular leg-to-torso ratio; otherwise he’ll just be jamming his rod into your belly button or a cabinet knob. Remember when you used to just fuck in a bed? Those days seem so far away now.



Chair Lift

This sexy position requires one chair for you to put one leg up on. Then your partner faces you, enjoying the friction your leg-up provides. In this case, your partner absolutely must be precisely seven inches taller than you, but you also must wear heels, because it’s a pretty big stretch to get your leg up on that chair. Go ahead—get some fucking heels! Do you want to cum standing up or not?


Everyone should try standing sex once in their life—it’s an incredible accomplishment and is really hot to see each other standing in all your naked glory. Any of these positions are guaranteed to launch you into sexual nirvana—if and only if your guy is seven inches taller than you. Otherwise, don’t fucking bother.