How to Get a Guy to Talk to You, But Not About Boring Shit

When you see a guy at a party or bar, it can be hard to know how to get him to talk to you. After all, you’re a stranger, he’s really attractive, and, most of all, you don’t want to talk about any dull stuff. Here are some tips to get a guy to talk you, but not about any boring shit.


Mutter Interesting Subjects Within Earshot

You aren’t about to get stuck talking to a guy who “just watched a really interesting documentary on the farming industry during World War One.” Yawn! Ensure that you don’t get trapped listening to a guy talk about his dumb boring “passions” by muttering things that you want to talk about within earshot. If it’s something he also likes, chances are he’ll hear you and say, “Huh? Did someone just say Law and Order: SVU?” BOOM! Now you can actually enjoy your conversation.


Yawn in His Face

People say that laughter is a great attention-grabber, but there’s nothing like a big fat yawn in a hot guy’s face that says, “I’m here and I am already tired so please don’t bore me to death by talking about video games.” Pop a mint and yawn one out, and before you know it, that guy will be talking to you knowing that he has a challenge to keep you awake. Before you know it, you’ll be talking about music (not about Kanye West—what’s left to say?) and vacation spots (not about beach destinations—is he trying to put you to sleep?) until the wee hours of the morning. Bonus: a yawn up top means you’ve got the perfect out if he does start to bore you. You’re sleepy and gotta get out of there!


Yell, “Is Anyone in This Bar INTERESTING???”

You can’t expect to snag an interesting guy if you don’t ask for one. Instead of trying flirty tactics to get a guy to talk to you, only for it to backfire when he hits with you some “fun facts” about some local museums, put your desire out into the world by yelling “Is anyone at this bar INTERESTING???” so loud that some people complain to the bartender. Anyone who answers the call is guaranteed to bring you some exciting discussion, or at least will understand when you say “WHO CARES?” and leave mid-conversation. Hey, getting what you want out of dating doesn’t have to be hard!



After years of slogging through the dating world, you deserve to be free of any conversations where you’re subjected to his boring fucking interests. With these tips you’ll be sure to get a guy’s attention—and he’ll be sure to earn yours!