4 Concealer Tricks That Won’t Stop Renee From Asking If Something’s Wrong

You’ve been having a rough time lately––what better way to practice self-care than to treat yourself to a makeup haul? But even the best concealer isn’t going to stop Renee from asking you if something’s wrong in the middle of a meeting where everyone in the office can hear. Here are four amazing concealer tricks that still won’t stop Renee from asking you if you’re feeling okay.


Apply your foundation to your face before concealer.

Apply a layer of foundation, then use a concealer that’s slightly lighter than your foundation to brighten up your “problem areas.” You’ll be looking dewey and well-rested, even if Renee still asks you if “something happened.” Beat it, Renee!


Cover your dark circles using the triangle method.

Rather than using concealer to shade the bags under your eyes, draw an inverted triangle beneath those hangdog circles, then shade in the triangle. This will make your face look brighter, but not bright enough to hide the inner darkness Renee assumes lies just below your surface. She’s “around to talk” if you need it. You’re so full of shit, Renee.



Use a green concealer on your acne.

It may sound weird, but the green in the concealer actually “cancels out” your angry red zits to neutralize the blemishes! This hack will likely make no difference to Renee, who will suggest instead that you give your face a good rinse— “That’ll wake you right up!” You know what, Renee? Fuck you!


Cover backne with concealer and set it with powder.

It’s a pain (literally and figuratively) to cover this particular area, but bear in mind—Renee will probably feel that zit at the base of your neck when she reaches over to hug you and give you her friend’s therapist’s business card because she obviously has no need for it. She may even say, “I’ve got your back, girl”—and she won’t even get the pun! God damn it, Renee!


You deserve to feel beautiful. Just remember—no matter how many new things you do to your mug, Renee will still pull you aside to ask if everything’s okay.