Cute Dresses To Let Your Bridesmaids Wear While You Publicly Rank Them

Bridesmaid Labor Union

Congrats, you’ve finally found your soulmate and agreed to spend the rest of your life together! Now comes the fun part: choosing your maid of honor and then lining up the rest of your friends in order of how much you love them. Here are the most fun and flattering dresses to let your friends wear while you publicly rank them:


Varied Hues

Instead having a monotone wedding, try allowing your bridesmaids to choose dresses from a palette of slightly differentiated colors! They’ll be so distracted by comparing dresses, they won’t notice you’ve put them in order of how much you love them as your friends and family to watch. Just remind your bridesmaids that they look like Pinterest models and hopefully they’ll never discuss any of the thoughts they’re suppressing throughout your lovely ceremony.


Fun Straps

Many modern bridesmaid dresses come with removable and changeable straps, which is helpful in accommodating for different body shapes among your friends. It’s even more helpful to make up for the fact that you put Leah in the lineup right after Grace, who used to date your fiancé, which is kind of fucked up. Honestly she’s lucky she’s even here.



All Black

Formerly a wedding no-no, black is back and more fun than ever! This slimming color looks good on everyone, even Ellie, who will probably resent that she wasn’t your maid of honor considering how much time she spent talking you through all those fights with your fiancé. Don’t worry about that, though; hopefully she’ll get drunk enough at the reception that she forgets the wedding entirely! She does that a lot, which is clearly why she’s #4.


Any of these are options are great for when you ask your friends to spend $500 on a dress to wear while you put them on display in order from most friend to least friend. Now you can enjoy your special day, hopefully without even thinking about your guests that didn’t make the bridesmaid cut at all!