3 Empowering Texts That You Won’t Send When He Ghosts You Because Maybe He’s Just Really Busy

So you’ve been seeing a guy for a little while, when all of a sudden he ghosts you. But you’re a strong woman and you’re not about to let him get away with this bullshit behavior! Just keep in mind that this guy could just be really busy, and you wouldn’t want to hurt your chances at going out again. So here are three empowering texts that you won’t send because he’s probably just, like, tied up at work or something – you know?


“[Ghost emoji]. Not cool, dude.”

If you only went on a few dates, try this casual call-out. Using the ghost emoji and the super chill term “dude” will let him know how totally over him you already are! It will feel so great to send him a text that casually says, “You’re not even worth me getting upset. But I just thought you should know ghosting is pretty immature.” Of course, you won’t actually send that text because there’s a solid chance he’s just super busy, and you obviously want to leave the door open for him when he has more time on his hands. [Prayer hands emoji] [Cat heart eyes emoji].


“I deserve better than you, anyway.”

So often, women cling to guys who are way lower quality than what they deserve. And if such a guy has the audacity to ghost you, he absolutely does not deserve you. Tell him that! Well, think about telling him that. Like, type it out a bunch of times and also rehearse it out loud to make sure it sounds right. But then delete what you typed and never speak of it because he had mentioned that he had some family stuff going on and maybe he’s just totally preoccupied with that. In that case, you guys would be so perfect together and totally deserve each other!



“I had a really good time with you, and I think it’s sad that you don’t even have the decency to let me know you don’t want to see me again.”

Because ghosting is such a childish thing to do, one of the most empowering ways you can respond is with complete control and emotional maturity. Show your inner strength by using your “feeling” words to call him out for claiming to like you and then not texting you for a week. Your measured yet powerful response will hopefully help him to see the error of his ways, so he won’t ghost another woman again. That is, if he’s ghosting you. Which he might not be! His indoor soccer team got into the championships, so he’s probably totally consumed with that. Maybe best just to not text him and see what happens. He’s a busy guy!


Ghosting is bullshit. Don’t be afraid to text a guy that, so he knows you will not stand for his rude behavior. Or don’t text him, because maybe when he stops being so busy in a few weeks, he’ll text you to come over at 2am. Yay!