Supportive Texts to Send Your Friends When You Want to Feel Better About Yourself

You know when you’re having one of those days when you feel like no one knows how kind and thoughtful you are? Well, you don’t have to continue feeling underappreciated if you just send appreciative texts to others! While it might seem counterintuitive, sending out supportive messages will give you the glow of doing a good deed while also getting supportive messages back. Here are a few good-person-approved texts to send to your friends when you need a little ego-boost.


“You’re too good for any of ‘em.”

You can send this to any friend who’s going through social, romantic, or career-related issues to help remind yourself of how fiercely loyal you are. Also how good she is, we guess. The point is: you are nice!


“Hey, I miss you. Let’s hang out soon!”

This one is good if you are wondering if maybe you aren’t a good person and also don’t have anyone to hang out with this weekend. Regardless of whether or not you see her on purpose in the next year or so, this one for sure means you are emotionally responsible and all-around good.


“Just saw a movie that reminded me of you.”

Unlike everyone else’s shallow friends, you connect with most people on a deeper level. Remind people of this by letting them know how much you get them. (They don’t need to know that the movie was a depressing documentary.)


“I want to hear more about your life, lady!”

You are such a good listener, and so capable of acknowledging others’ successes. Warning: You should only send this text if you are prepared to actually hear about your friend.



“Love you!”

You can bang out, like, seven of these texts before breakfast to all different friends, leaving you well stocked with warm fuzzies for the rest of the day.


“Just found this picture of you, gorgeous! I die!”

Go through your phone and find a group selfie you didn’t post to Facebook because you looked weird in it, and send it straight to your friend (who probably could have used it on Facebook to link to her Tinder profile since she’s single now since Brad cheated, but whatevs). You are so self-sacrificing!


“I’m here for you if you want to talk.”

This message says, “I saw those embarrassingly vulnerable tweets and I am concerned, but I am not looking to find out the latest gossip about your hellish life.” You’ll demonstrate that you are trustworthy, so hopefully she’ll spill the details. What. A. Mess!


“Thinking of you!”

Whether or not you are actually thinking of her, sending this text will convince you and your friend that she’s on your mind. You are like a saint, almost!


“I’m so glad you’re my friend!”

Has anyone been as earnest and sweet as you in the history of the universe? Hopefully that’s the kind of response sending this text will get.


After sending a few of these messages out, you’ll float on a morally righteous cloud for the rest of the day. And who knows? Maybe sending one of these texts will help someone else feel good as well.