Tupperware Storage Solutions That Let Your Roommate Know You’re in Charge

Are you and your roommate wrestling with a Tupperware drawer in disarray and an ambiguous pecking order at home? Assert dominance over your domain by organizing your Tupperware drawer like a boss with these helpful Tupp-hacks. Your roommate will fall in line and you shall be queen once again, just as it should be.


Hers on the Bottom, Yours on Top

Creating a consistent system of order such as this will keep your most-used containers accessible, while the inaccessibility of your roommate’s containers will wear her into submission over time. She’ll crumble under the organizational pressure because she’s a disorganized weakling and you are a mental and methodical giant. Crush her.


The “Tops in the Trunk” Trick

When your Tupperware collection is getting unwieldy, it’s important to trim the fat—in a way that puts your roommate’s mental health at risk. Store the lids to containers in the trunk of your car. Your roommate will be like, “Where did all the lids go? Am I losing it?” And you’ll be like “Maybe you are,” as you carry a topless salad off to work as if everything’s fine. Everything IS fine. She thinks she’s going mad and you are in complete control of this storage situation. Well done.



Nightmare in Tupp Town

Nothing’s more space-saving than having your Tupperware double as storage for other household goods when not in use. Fill all the Tupperware containers with _________ (insert your roommate’s worst nightmare here: dead mice, pig blood, boiled eggs). Nothing will make her sweat more than whatever it is that she hates: spiders? Doll heads? Photobooth pictures of you making out with her boyfriend? Think, “What would make my roommate cower in the corner?” Then, put that thing in some Tupperware. You are killing it!


The Tupperware Tornado

Because of the unwieldy nature of Tupperware, it’s important to not get too caught up in finding the “perfect” storage solution. Close your eyes and just toss shit in the drawer: tops, bottoms, recycling, compost, used tampons, whatever. Create such chaos that she’ll spend hours a week organizing and reorganizing what you’ve been systematically destroying with deliberate carelessness. Michelle is slowly unraveling and you’ve saved so much time by simply not giving a fuck! Kudos, chief, you’re #1.


Finding the right kitchen storage solution can be tough. What’s important is that at the end of the day, your roommate is riddled with guilt and fear, so much so that you’ll have asserted your preeminence once and for all. Take a bow, goddess! You are in charge!