7 Cures For Dry, Chapped Lips Down There


Cold weather can be brutal on your skin, resulting in dry, chapped lips…everywhere. Luckily, we’ve got some winter labia remedies that will help you fight the elements and stay moisturized where it counts! Here’s how to keep your pee-place nice and balmy.


Drink Plenty of Water

So much of what goes on in your skin has to do with what’s going on in your diet. And dehydration always leads to dry lips. A perfect way to keep yours moisturized is to make sure you’re drinking eight glasses of water a day—don’t skimp! Try buying a fun, new water bottle to keep at your desk. When coworkers ask about it you can say, “Just keeping my labia lubed from the inside out!” Then say “Ha ha” until they also say “ha ha.” It might take a while, but hang in there! You’re the water cooler now!


Use a Humidifier

This gadget will give your pussy puckers the moisture they crave. Pro tip: Turn it on at night to moisturize down there while you sleep. Brilliant!



No More Bottomless Skiing

As un-fun as it is, a simple cure for really chapped cooter lips is to wear pants on your next ski trip. Low temps and high winds are a killer combo if you want your lips to be kissably soft—and gurl, you definitely do!


Don’t Lick Your Lips Too Much

When you lick your lips, your saliva dries your skin, taking any moisture away with it. Don’t do it! Luckily this is a really easy cure to remember because for most of us, licking our own vagina is a physical impossibility.


Coconut Oil!!!

During cold winter months, a great lip ointment is a labial lifesaver. But since your bibi is sensitive to harsh chemicals, why not go the natural route? Coconut oil is a simple household remedy for that desert-like camel toe. Slather up generously and voilà—soft, healthy, crotch lips!



Don’t Be Shy to Reapply

When it comes to the outer folds of the vulva, keeping things soft and supple is not a one-and-done deal. Apply your balm of choice in the morning, at night, and at least 19 times in between. To make sure you always have genitalia-friendly gloss nearby, keep a stash in your purse, one in the car, another in your desk, seven by your bed, three at your boyfriend’s house, and maybe a mini balm in your bra. Your yoni with be smooth, sleek, and under control!


Get It On

Physiologically speaking, sexual arousal is known to lubricate everything in the V-zone. This is a simple—and exciting—cure for keeping your labia minora and majora from getting too chapped and scaly. It’s like, of course Old Man Winter is a man—he doesn’t have to deal with winter puss! So go ahead and get busy until spring has sprung!


Luckily, that rascal groundhog says winter is almost over, but in the meantime, keep these cold-weather cures in your back and front pocket, if you know what we mean. LOL!