5 Snapchat Filters That Will Disguise That You’re Way Too Old To Be On There

Snapchat is the social media app that everyone is obsessed with—and by “everyone” we mostly mean “people in an entirely different generation than you.” But if you’re still ready to figure out Snapchat, here are some fun filters that will somewhat hide how weird it is that someone as old as you is on there.


Puppy Dog Filter

This snap filter adds puppy ears, a puppy nose, and a fun little interactive tongue-licking feature to your image. This will not only cover most of your aging face, but also make people who see your snaps think, “Look she’s so fun with snap filters, she’s probably not 34 or anything.” Score!


Tropical Filter

Featuring a nice tannish tint, this tropical filter immediately gives you a glow PLUS the tropical plant hangs above your forehead, covering any wrinkles so that no one will wonder why a non-millennial is wasting their time making eight-second videos that disappear after 24 hours. Snapchat, FTW!


Face Distortions

There are a whole handful of rotations facial filters that make you look entirely unlike yourself, which is great if you are 13 or 33. If you choose the absurdly large mouth one, or any that mess with your nose, you’ll be unrecognizable and therefore no one can judge you for spending your time on a social media site invented for safely sending nudes.



Trucker or Pilot

Ok these get sort of weird but we’re preeeeetty sure that all the snappers born in the early aughts are probably using these filters and LOLing their little asses off! Basically they put you in heavy glasses and a mustache so not only is the year you graduated high school disguised (1999), but also who you are at all. Win!


Underwater Filters

Nothing says, “It took me four weeks to understand how this app works and eventually I had to ask my 11-year-old niece” like making the most of a filter that basically submerges your old-ass face in water. Now when your husband asks what you’re doing over there, you can be like, “nothing, whatever!” but know deep down that you’re definitely pulling it off. Get it!


Just because you were born in the 70s or 80s doesn’t mean that you have to be shackled to the “old people” social media apps, but it also doesn’t mean you should freak everyone out and just strut your decaying body around like it’s no thing. Thanks, Snapchat filters!