10 Reasons You Should Give Mom’s Coworker A Chance

Even though he might not be the first guy you’d pick out in a crowd, there are a whole lot of redeeming factors to mom’s coworker that you should at least consider! He might not be flashy or edgy, but he possesses a lot of good, underrated qualities that could really be good for you! You’re just too young to know it yet. Here are ten reasons you should give mom’s coworker (he’s around your age!) a chance:


1. He Really Is A Nice Boy

Obviously, he’s not a boy, he’s a full-grown man, but he’s young like you and such a sweetheart. He grew up in the Midwest apparently, so he’s got those friendly Midwest values, and apparently he talks to HIS mom every week. Isn’t that sweet?!


2. He Seems Very Down-to-Earth

Now, this isn’t to say he doesn’t have a wild side lurking underneath—

your mother knows how you like that — but he’s very consistent at work, always on time, and always eats a good lunch that he makes for himself; can you believe it? He seems grounded, which would be a nice change for you!


3. He’s Got Two Sisters

So you know he knows how to treat women! One of his sisters even came to the company Christmas party last year and they got along so well! She seemed like a sweet girl, you two would probably hit it off!


4. He’s Got A Car

Now, Mom knows you don’t care about cars since you’ve always lived in the city, but he’s got a pretty nice car, and he’s really into taking care of it! He takes it to the carwash every Friday after work. She knows this because she asked him! She’s figuring out his “deal” for you! Just because he lives a little outside the city doesn’t mean you should rule him out. Don’t be a snob!


5. He Makes The Office Laugh

Oh, he’s a funny guy! Last week he was doing impressions of an SNL skit for a coworker, and we couldn’t stop laughing, he’s such a delight. Plus, I know you also like SNL, right? Your mom doesn’t understand any of the comedy stuff you post on Facebook, but he probably would!



6. He’s Got A Good Head Of Hair

Mom knows that at your age, that kind of thing isn’t a concern, but trust: It will be. Your mother can tell a lot about genetics at first sight, and he’s got good hair genes! She can tell. It’s all about the hairline right next to the temples. Plus, your hair has always been so pretty, imagine what your kid’s hair would look like? Just imagine, that’s all Mom’s asking!


7. He Did Teach For America In Detroit

Right out of college he spent a few years in Detroit teaching junior high schoolers, and he says it was very formative. Isn’t that nice? What a nice guy! He’s good with kids, a good mentor type, just what you need!


8. He’s On The Prowl

Okay, so I wasn’t trying to be too nosy, but I did ask him if he’s taken or married, to which he laughed and said “not yet.” NOT YET, do you hear that? He’s obviously looking for a mate! You mom is not trying to pressure you; she’s just saying now’s a good time to swoop in for the kill!


9. Your Mom Showed Him A Picture Of You

She’s not trying to embarrass you, and she doesn’t think he’s wise to her intentions, but she started talking about you and how you’re about the same age, and she couldn’t help but show him your latest FB profile picture! He said you’re “stacked”! Isn’t that charming?


10. Dad And I Have Already Met Him

Mom knows you’re a full-grown woman, and you’re all about your independence, but it does bode well for him that Dad and Mom have already met him and approved of him! Think about what a load that would take off your relationship, not needing to get their approval? If you’d have come to that company picnic with your parents, you would have met him, too, and maybe you’d already be engaged!


If none of these reasons have convinced you to give Mom’s coworker a chance, well, don’t go complaining to her when you die a spinster! She’ll just move on to playing Wingmom for your brother.