Are You Ready To Argue About Having A Baby?

Before you embark on the fight about the commitment of a lifetime, it’s worth taking the time to consider whether you and your partner are truly ready to argue about having a baby together. Here’s how to know for sure:


He’s committed to the idea of arguing about a baby.

There’s no point even considering arguing about a baby if your partner’s not up for the late nights, emotional exhaustion, and domestic chaos that come with fighting about your hypothetical offspring. If you doubt his level of commitment, try asking his grandchild-hungry parents if they think you should have a baby, and see how quickly he threatens to leave you.


You’ve put your fighting-at-a-party years behind you.

If you want to start arguing about having babies, you need to be ready for your social life to take a hit. Once you’ve started fighting about whether it’s the right time to start a family, instinct will kick in and you’ll want to be home most nights, building a protective nest around yourself. And let’s face it: It’s hard to find the energy to go out when you’re busy finding new ways to be passive-aggressive!


You’re financially secure enough to argue for days on end, occasionally missing work.

There’s nothing quite like the first time a couple argues about getting pregnant, but in the excitement it’s easy to forget the long-term impact all that lingering resentment will have on your finances. Make sure you set some money aside each month so that you’re prepared for all the make-up meals and apology gifts you’ll need to buy each other when the time comes.



You’re surrounded by a network of arguing couples.

Spending time with couples who are already arguing about having a baby can be a great way of transitioning into fighting with your guy. A tense weekend away with a couple locked in a baby battle will give you an idea of what you’re in for — and it may be all the encouragement your future baby daddy needs!


You’re over 35.

If you’re over 35, your capacity to argue about having a baby is diminishing every day. Be honest with yourself about what you want, and then really lose your shit next time you’re alone with him. If it’s not possible for you any more, you can always consider arguing about having someone else’s baby.


There’s never a right time to start arguing about having a baby. Taking the leap can be daunting, but remember: No one ever regrets arguing about having a baby.