Reasons to Love Your Perfect Legs

You might not always feel confident about your perfect legs, but there are plenty of reasons to love those gorgeous gams of yours. It may be hard to feel courageous enough to show them off in the summertime, but have no fear! We’ve compiled a list of reasons why you should finally learn to love your super toned and tan legs.


Everyone always compliments them.

Who doesn’t love constant compliments? Learn to really hear each person who stops you on the street and says, “Whoa, sorry if this is weird, but your legs are INCREDIBLE!” Own it, girl!


You look great in shorts. Actually, you look perfect.

You can make any pair of shorts look good with your legs, no matter how short they are! Despite living in a society where people are super judgmental of women with beautiful legs wearing shorts, you should wear them for you and only you! Okay fine, and for everyone else who says you look great in shorts. Rock it out!


Your hot boyfriend loves caressing them.

Don’t take for granted all those times your rich, gorgeous boyfriend runs his hands up and down your legs during foreplay. He’s super into them–because he’s super into you!—partially because of your super-hot legs!



They’re naturally hairless.

We get it: You’re jealous of all the other women who have to get their legs waxed, lasered, or have to shave every day. But on the upside, you’re saving so much money and pain on hair removal treatments and razors! Embrace those inherently smooth legs, sister!


You’re a leg model.

Even if you did have to spend money on hair removal treatments and tanning products, lucky for you—you’re a well-paid leg model! Try not to get too down on yourself since, after all, you’re featured in fashion magazines worldwide because your legs are THAT great! Everybody else loves them, so why don’t you?


It might sound easier said than done, but we promise that remembering these reasons to love your flawless legs will work over time. There are a lot of shitty legs out there, so take a few minutes to look in the mirror naked from the waist down and say, “Damn, I really do have great legs, and the world definitely agrees!”