How To Open Your Second Vagina Through Meditation

There’s no doubt about it: The source of your womanhood is your vagina. But how can we live up to the expectations of modern day society with just one power source? We can’t! That’s why we’ve put together this how-to for opening your second vagina and the additional power held within it. This sort of advanced technique is not for those who are new to meditation, so make sure to get acquainted with your unique meditation process before embarking on this estrogen-driven journey to vaginal enlightenment.


Make Sure You’re Comfortable

Before anything else, make sure you’re comfortable both physically and with your sexuality. Sit back in a soft chair or couch and check in with your soul— Are you really in tune with your sexual orientation? Breathe.


Concentrate On Your Breathing

Breathe deeply from your diaphragm. Do not breathe shallow breaths but rather make sure that your breath fills up your neck, chest, and belly. Feel your vagina expand with your breath.



Visualize Your Vagina

As you breathe, clear your mind and start shifting your thoughts to your vagina, if they weren’t already there. Think of all of the times She has been there for you. Think of the life-giving blood that has flown into and out of her.


Now Breathe Through Your Vagina


Focus again on your breath. Is it still coming from your mouth and nose? Try to shift the breathing movement to your vagina so that the breaths flow through her. Pull your breath in from your vagina. Imagina a queef as you draw air through your lotus flower. It’s ok if you accidentally pull breath from your butthole.; just refocus your thoughts on your vaginal breathing.


Visualize Your Second Vagina


Concentrate on the mental image of your second vagina. Visualize yourself drawing power from two vaginas. Picture bleeding from both holes during your menstrual cycle, and receiving the world’s male energy into both holes.


Now Push


Visualize yourself kegeling with your second vagina. This is the greatest labor you will ever know. Your second vagina may not open where you expect it to. It also may not happen right away. Breathe, concentrate, and push until you feel the time is right to stop. Once your will has been done, collect yourself and know that you have ascended to the next level of feminine consciousness.


Opening your second vagina takes time, practice, and patience. This article is a tool to begin your journey and you should not get disheartened if your second vagina hasn’t opened fully yet. Know that your second vagina will unfurl when She feels she is ready.