Wow! Woman’s Adult Acne More Consistent Than Her Adult Friendships

Talk about friendship goals! After 13 years of proven reliability, 31-year-old Rachel Johnson’s adult acne has been more consistent than any of her existing adult friendships.


“It’s kind of comforting, like a friend who always remembers to wish you happy birthday,” says Rachel. “Except it’s usually a burst of painful, cystic acne about five days before my period. And it always shows up, no matter what.”


Like many people in their 30s, Rachel has struggled to find and maintain reliable adult friendships, as people are engulfed in relationships, work, and raising children. But not Rachel’s adult acne – which arrives consistently, even when Rachel is being a total bitch.



“I wish I had even one human friend who could be as reliable as my T-zone erupting in acne every month,” Sharon said while shopping for topical ointments. “My adult acne remembers every birthday, anniversary, and important work meeting. I can’t even get a friend to show up consistently for a Zoom hang.”


“At least my teenage acne was kind of sketchy,” added Sharon. “We kind of had an understanding there.”


Way to keep this years-long commitment going, you two!