Wow! This Woman’s Skincare Routine Is Guilting People Into Saying, ‘Your Skin Looks So Good!’

In an inspiring story out of Denver, CO, 27-year-old Annie Rau has developed a new take on skincare: simply guilting others into saying that her skin looks good.


We love a creative woman!


While it’s a frankly ingenious alternative to actually taking care of her skin, Rau says the idea pretty much just came to her.


“I was just sick of trying to remember to drink enough water and wash my face twice a day,” Rau told reporters. “So, I thought, ‘What if I acted really insecure about my skin in order to bait people into telling me it actually looks great?’ The results were instantaneous.”


Friends of Rau say that the change in her skincare routine was noticeable, primarily because she would not stop drawing attention to her face.


“She kept saying how dry her skin was and how she forgot to even take her makeup off last night,” said Kayla Bair, one of Rau’s roommates. “Her skin honestly looked fine, and it was awkward to hear her go on and on about how bad it looked without saying anything, so I told her it looked really good.”


Bair continued, “Would I have said anything if she hadn’t drawn prolonged and overly detailed attention to her facial skin? Absolutely not. It’s just skin, and it looked like skin. But she put me in a position where it would’ve been weird and honestly rude of me to not say anything.”


It’s so heart-warming to see people guilted into supporting their friends.


Other close friends of Rau report similar experiences, with some saying that Rau would complain of “breaking out” while having no notable blemishes on her face, while also constantly reiterating that “real friends build each other up,” which practically forced them to say, “Oh my god, no, your skin looks amazing!”


Rau says she has never felt so confident about her skin, while simultaneously doing the least amount of skincare she has ever done in her life.



“It’s a win-win,” she said. “I get to skip out on the nine-step, 30-minute skincare routine I was wasting my time on before, while still managing to get even better results. Sure, my skin doesn’t look as good as it could, but I’m getting more compliments than ever before, and isn’t that the whole point?”


Yes, girl! Live in your delusion!


At press time, Rau was overheard complaining to reporters about her “huge eye bags” while also stating that it was only because she hadn’t been sleeping well because of “the night terrors.” This prompted reporters to be like, “No way, what eye bags?” and “Are you sure you’re doing okay?”