This Woman Soaked Her Vegetables Only to Learn That She Eats a Lot of Bugs

When 31-year-old Jackie Marshall finished soaking her fresh vegetables, she was disturbed with what she found lurking in her produce. What emerged were tiny bugs, flies, and other many-legged critters. Much to her horror, Jackie had been eating all the bugs hiding in her vegetables for years.


Munch on those bugs, Jackie!


“Don’t get me wrong, I always wash my vegetables before I eat them,” Jackie explained. “But I have never given them a real thorough soak. When I did, I realized I must be eating bugs with all my salads.”


That sounds like a sweet treat, girl!

Soaking your vegetables is a great practice for ensuring your greens are clean before consumption. However, soaking vegetables can also lead you to the realization that a small percentage of your diet is bugs.


Who needs clean eating when you can eat insects?


“I’m a little grossed out that I have unknowingly been a bug-eater all these years,” Jackie shared. “I mean, I guess bugs have protein. So maybe eating bugs isn’t all bad?”


Research shows that while bugs are high in protein, it is not recommended to eat any and all bugs.


“The only time I thought I had ever eaten a bug was on a trip to the museum as a child where I got a cricket lollipop,” Jacked added. “I guess I have to accept that I have been eating bugs all along, and that’s a hard truth to swallow.”



Now that Jackie has learned the truth about the creatures who call her veggies home, it begs the question: will she continue to flush her vegetables of bugs?


“I have decided to stop soaking my vegetables,” she told reporters. “I’d rather live in ignorance than to acknowledge the bugs that I’m eating.”


Ignorance is bliss, but bug eating is our birthright. And, who knows, maybe bug eating will be the next big wellness trend!