Wow! This Woman Just Discovered Burrata and It’s Now Her Entire Worldview

In a moving testament to the unpredictable and unceasing chapters of life, 29-year-old Francis McLaughlin has just discovered the Italian cow’s milk cheese burrata, and it is now her entire worldview.


“In the past, burrata was once of those words that I heard from time to time, but I didn’t really know what it was,” said Francis. “So when my friend suggested we split it as an appetizer, I had no idea I was about to make a discovery that would change the course of my life.”


Though Francis’s introduction to burrata has come somewhat later than those of her peers, she is nonetheless eager to spread awareness and drum up enthusiasm for the classic dish.


“It’s like pre-melted cheese,” explained Francis to someone who knows what burrata is. “Imagine cheese that comes out of the fridge like that: Essentially cheese liquid.”


“And I know what you’re thinking but no, it doesn’t fall apart, because it’s held inside with a cheese skin, but not a gross cheese skin like a rind. Soft cheese skin,” Francis added, words fighting their way out against the freshly produced saliva in her mouth.


While Francis has rarely exhibited so much hope and excitement for anything, some loved ones are concerned that her burrata-based lifestyle may be unsustainable.


“I was pleasantly surprised when Francis called me out of nowhere to talk on the phone,” said her mother, Jeanne McLaughlin. “But she only seemed to want to talk about burrata. I couldn’t get any details about her job, her relationships, anything.”


“She spent seven whole minutes offering examples of things you can eat it with,” Jeanne added. “Oh God, she’s calling again now. I’m not going to answer. Don’t tell her you saw this, okay?”


And Jeanne isn’t the only one who feels Francis is losing touch while swept up in this burrata honeymoon phase.


“She keeps pushing it on me, and I just don’t think it’s that good,” said a friend, Adrianna Muñoz. “It tastes like salty milk.”



But Francis isn’t letting any of her critics throw her off course.


“Oh, my God,” Francis said. “I just realized ‘burrata’ would be a really beautiful name for a girl.”


We don’t hate it!!