Wow! This Woman Had Multiple Orgasms Over the Course of Several Months


In a demonstration of true sexual liberation, Sammi Roner has reportedly managed to have multiple orgasms, which have been sexily spread out over the course of several months.


“I finally told my boyfriend Stan that it’s time to prioritize my pleasure too,” says Sammi. “Since then, I’ve been coming over and over again, but, you know, with weeks and weeks of not coming in between.”


Wow, way to experience sexual pleasure sometimes, Sammi!


Sammi’s friends were quick to acknowledge how inspired they are by her story.


“Sammi demanding Stan focus on her pleasure once in a while makes me think that maybe I deserve more too,” says Zoe Nassau. “Maybe I deserve to come several times a year. But maybe that’s crazy.”


Preach, girlfriend!


“I’m so glad I finally asked for what I want, because I’m slowly learning what I like in bed,” says Sammi. “And I know now that I like having multiple orgasms. Like, two or three times, but with a good night’s sleep and two full workweeks in between.”


Sammi, you are speaking to women everywhere and we are saying hell yes!


Even her boyfriend Stan had something to say about Sammi since he made space for her to experience sexual pleasure.


“I’m really glad I could give that sort of pleasure to her,” says Stan. “It really turned me on and I proceeded to come a lot. So it was also a victory for me.”



“I hope women worldwide are able to hear my story and realize they too can become sexually empowered,” says Sammi. “And hey, the sky’s the limit. Maybe over the course of my life I’ll hit double digits!”