Whoa! This Woman Is Immediately Ready To Share Her Sad Story After Liz Shares Hers

In a demonstration of courage, Dinah Johnsen finally felt safe enough to share her sad story immediately following Liz sharing her sad story.


Way to find it in yourself to open up about your past and simultaneously totally dismiss Liz’s heart-wrenching story!


“Liz had just talked about how her childhood best friend died in a freak accident. It made me feel inspired to share,” says Dinah. “So I finally came clean about how I walked in on my boyfriend Dennis watching porn,”


Wow, way to hear Liz speak then make everything about you!


Dinah’s friends were quick to empathize with their friend and also quick to leave Liz’s story in the dust.


“I mean Liz’s story was sad for sure, but her friend is dead so it’s sort of a bummer and it’s also in the past,” says Frankie, Dinah’s friend. “But Dennis watching porn? That’s happening right now.”


Way to seize the moment, Dinah!


“She is the strongest woman I know for being able to share that,” says Patty Quinn, another friend. “Oh yeah, Liz’s story. Sorry. That sucks, Liz!”


“Telling my story about him watching porn was the hardest thing I’ve ever done,” says Dinah. “I mean it was pretty generic porn but I was still really caught off guard by it. Huge shoutout to Liz, for giving me the strength to come forward about my experience.”


Dinah, women everywhere are feeling for you!


In an interview with Liz, she confessed that although she felt for Dinah, she didn’t believe their stories were equally devastating.


“I saw my best friend drown,” says Liz. “I don’t think I’ve ever dated a guy and not walked in on him watching porn.”



Oof. A little harsh towards a woman digging deep to find some vulnerability!


“I just hope women everywhere know their friends are there to support them and it’s okay to share,” says Dinah. “Especially if your story is just a stepping stone for someone else’s story.”