Woman Thinking of What to Say After Starting Insta Story?

In a bizarre turn of events, 29-year-old Cassie Speller seems to have started recording an Instagram story of her own face without having made any plans of what to say?


The video was first posted at 1pm on Saturday from Cassie’s apartment in Brooklyn. Viewers of the Insta story describe Cassie’s apparent loss for words as her shaky iPhone video is determinedly trained on her own face, as she sputtered “ummms” for a full minute?


“I watched it,” says Cassie’s friend, Jordan Walters. “Usually people have some kind of reason for an Insta story or a plan going into those things. Cassie apparently didn’t?”


The video lingers on Cassie’s face as she looks around the room, clearly attempting to draw some kind of inspiration from her surroundings.


“So…” begins Cassie in the following story, followed by a long pause. “Um, yeah. Like, I’m just here… In my apartment. And like, yeah, not much is going on…”


The video continues on as Cassie struggles to come up with something of interest to report. She bounces around a few ideas of things to talk about, without ever really landing on something concrete.


Friends and family are reportedly perplexed as to why she would bother to post this?


“What I don’t get is why you would hit record if you didn’t have something you wanted to say,” says Cassie’s friend, Tom Beverly. “At least a general kind of subject you might want to riff on. Cassie didn’t have anything going on. She starts reviewing her apartment’s drapes at one point.”


Though the content of the video was clearly unplanned, Cassie obviously chose to take the time to post it to her story, with the pink, glowy filter.



Though Cassie’s impromptu recording may be baffling to some, other followers of her feed are inspired by her lack of self-editing.


“I think it’s great,” says Cassie’s former co-worker, Adrienne Barnes. “I overthink everything. I wish I had the courage to just hit record and broadcast whatever pops into my head.”


Though the video has since disappeared from her feed, friends and family believe the possibility of future improvised stories from Cassie is just like, going to continue happening like nothing is weird about it?


“We’ll see more of these,” Jordan tells us. “She got like, 900 views on that last one. Now we’re all complicit in this.”