Wow! This Woman Drew on Freckles So Real That Her Dermatologist Biopsied One

TikTokers love her, dermatologists fear her. In an impressive story out of Pasadena, CA, 24-year old Dana Miller drew on such convincing freckles with an eyeliner pencil that her dermatologist biopsied one in search of cancerous cells.


“The pigmentation was disturbingly accurate to a cancerous mole, scraggly hair and all,” dermatologist Dr. Patricia Jones reported. “Never in my 20 years of practicing dermatology have I seen something this distressing. I’ve had rashes, boils, scales, but this freckle is in a league of its own.”


Okay, real-life makeup artist!


However, Dana was unconcerned about the potential diagnosis.


“When Dr. Jones brought the scalpel and freeze gun towards my face, I told her all she needed to do was use some makeup remover and I’d be cancer free!”


Dr. Jones has since barred Dana from being a patient at her practice.


When asked about her meticulous beauty routine, Dana responded: “I wake up every morning at around 5:30 a.m. to ensure enough time for the process before my 9 a.m. matcha run. Each freckle takes about 15 minutes to create. Placement is everything, so I usually ask myself, ‘If I were a freckle, where would I spontaneously emerge?’ Sometimes I use a protractor, sometimes just vibes.”


Dana has amassed a cult-like following on TikTok, with some fans referring to her as the modern-day Jackson Pollock. Others have referred to her as the Cake Boss of skin conditions.



Regardless of whether you’re team freckfreak or team freckchic, all can agree that Dana is flipping the script on skincare.


“I hate my clear skin,” one 13-year old super fan said. “I want something that sets me apart, so I’m learning from @DermyDana to figure out how to draw on freckles. She also does character-adding scars and cute, relatable drawn on pimples!”


The Dermatologists of America Association are currently having an emergency conference to discuss the concerning beauty trend and the future of their field.


Dana, however, is honing her craft. When asked about next steps, Dana revealed plans to expand her repertoire, moving on to warts next.


“The ultimate dream is to make other skin conditions cute, but freckles are in for now. As my saying goes, gangrene is the freckle of tomorrow!”