Wow! This Woman Apologized to a Subway Pole After Bumping Into It, Then They Fell in Love

In a heartwarming tale of unexpected connections, New York resident Bonnie Resdin apologized to a subway pole after bumping into it on a crowded commute, then they fell in love.


“The train came to a quicker halt than I expected and I painfully bumped my shoulder into someone next to me,” Bonnie says. “I instinctively apologized before turning around to discover that who I had said, ‘I’m so sorry’ to wasn’t even a person, but a subway pole. Specifically, the dreamiest subway pole I’ve ever seen.”


Talk about a meet-cute!


Like most true soulmates, these two didn’t take too long to put a name to what was happening between them.


“Yeah, I would say I knew immediately,” Bonnie says. “He looked into my eyes, and I looked into my eyes reflected in his metal, and I probably would have said ‘I do’ right then and there.”


Okay, literal chills!


While Bonnie may have been ready to tie the knot at first sight, there are some logistics the couple needs to work through before moving forward in their relationship.


“I’ve spoken with some MTA officials, and it seems that my options for removing Pole from his car are limited insofar as I am not in any way allowed to do that,” Bonnie explains. “I am, however, welcome to visit with him anytime so long as I pay the standard subway fare and figure out exactly when his train is coming.”


The course of true love never did run smooth, but hopefully for Bonnie it will run on time!



“I know we have different backgrounds,” she says. “I know that other people touch him all day, like so many people, but I don’t care about that sort of thing. I’m a modern woman, and this is a modern relationship.”


“Well, I guess I’m not so modern in that I still feel the need to constantly apologize to everyone and everything around me,” Bonnie adds. “But ultimately it is that instinct that landed me the love of my life.”


Wow. Hard to decipher the messaging on that one, but we’re thrilled for the happy couple!