How to Exude Confidence Even Though All You Say Is ‘What?’

Everyone has experienced times when they’ve been super confused, but if it happens to you a lot in conversations with your friends or people who you’re trying to impress, you may feel like it’s impossible to be confident when you simply have no idea what’s happening. If this sounds like you, then read below for how to exude confidence even though all you say is “what?”


Power pose

If you’re meeting your friends for brunch but you’re also severely hungover, or maybe you’re not even hungover but you’re just super out of it, a good power pose always screams “I’m listening!”  Instead of interrupting your friend by asking her who she’s hooking up with for the fifth time, try power posing instead! Simply sit up straight, and maybe lift up your arms a little bit. No one will question whether or not you’re paying attention when you’re taking up so much space! After all, how could someone so confident not know what’s going on with Savannah’s current love life?


Nod a lot

Instead of saying “what?” when you have no idea what’s going on or didn’t hear someone, try nodding along with the conversation instead. This is a great way to show your interest on first dates when you forget to pay attention because you’re too busy thinking about how good your pesto pasta is. So when you hear noise coming out of your date’s mouth, but you have absolutely no idea what they’re saying, just nod a lot! Or maybe even shake your head no to mix things up!


Change the subject

If someone asks you a direct question about what they just said, resist the urge to say “what?” and just change the subject instead! But to avoid sounding insensitive, say something like “That was really interesting, but what do you think about this pesto pasta?” This way, you’re letting them know that what they just said was valid, even though you didn’t listen to any of it. They’ll also think you’re super confident, because you also have something super important to say!


So if you’re guilty of never knowing what’s going on and saying “what?” all the time, these tips should help you to exude confidence anyway. And after you have a successful, confident, conversation, you can reward yourself by eating some more pesto pasta! Bellissimo!