Wow! This Man’s Workout Is Playfully Lifting Small Children While Their Mom Realizes He’s the One 

Fitting exercise into a busy schedule can be challenging, but not for 32-year-old Owen Feldman: This handsome café owner incorporates his workout into the everyday just by playfully lifting small children while their mom realizes he’s the one to be the father of her future children.


When this tall, strong man isn’t serving up lattes at his charming café, you can find him tossing a gleefully squealing eight-year-old over his shoulder while their mom gazes over at the jubilant scene, smiling gently and finally admitting to herself that she’s madly, deeply in love with him.


“Kids really just seem to flock to me,” said Feldman. “I’m always lifting them up, tossing them around, and turning them upside-down while we laugh joyously and their moms make intense eye contact with me. It’s a great workout.”


We love this guy! Seriously, we might be in love with him.


“I don’t know why women respond to this in the way they do,” said a humble Feldman. “Maybe it’s because my strength while lifting their kids suggests an inner strength and stability as well, maybe it’s because their kids’ trust of me is a testament to my character, maybe it’s because when I lift them over my head you can see the skin between my jeans and the bottom of my t-shirt. What’s that part called? Mine is really good.”


Wow! This laidback heartthrob is the epitome of the road not taken, but maybe it’s not too late to change course.


“I’ll never forget the day Owen first playfully lifted up my kid,” said local mom Nina Abidi. “I immediately knew he was the one and there was no point fighting it.”


“I just felt like I’m this single mom who’s totally independent and doing a great job on her own but then I see a gorgeous man playing with my kid and think it’s okay to want help and companionship in this crazy life,” added Abidi. “Of course, I’m not a single mom. My husband is at home right now, but he just doesn’t look the same when he plays with our son. He doesn’t wear low-rise jeans.”



Despite the emotional turmoil Feldman may cause by making so many women realize he’s their soul mate, he has no plans to stop lifting happy little kids over his broad shoulders.


“Honestly,” said Feldman. “I cancelled my gym membership so I’m really relying on this right now.”