Embarrassing! This Woman is Trying to Improve Herself

We all do embarrassing things from time to time, but Annette Williams is facing the depths of true humiliation: The 27-year-old Tampa resident is actively trying to improve herself.


Um, yikes girl!


“I’ve reached an age where it’s not okay for me to just accept the things about myself that need improvement,” explained Annette, who is pretty fucking sad to watch. “That’s why I’m going to therapy and taking active steps to change them this year.”


Okay, weirdo!


Annette went on to explain the corny-ass steps she’s taking to unlearn her toxic tendencies and develop more healthy personal habits.


“I’ve been going to bed by 11 and waking up early to go to the gym at least three days per week,” said Annette, wackly. “I’ve also been trying to eat a little healthier and check in with myself when I’m feeling off. It’s the little things that improve my mood and my ability to navigate the world around me, you know?”


“I feel like a better person already,” she added.


Maybe you are, loser!


Annette’s friends are mortified to be around her after all of these sudden changes.


“It’s like, come on Annette,” said Jessica Reed. “If you’re not causing drama every weekend and challenging every relationship you hold most dear, what are you even doing?”



“Yeah, like, grow up, you know?” said Rachel Xan. “Demeaning yourself by trying to, what, be a better person? Why can’t she just push everyone away with your petty behavior and lazy, destructive lifestyle habits like the rest of us?”


At press time, Annette had adopted a nightly skin routine and began volunteering at her local animal shelter.


How fucking humiliating!