Wow! This Bitch Irons

Bad bitch alert! Natasha Warshavsky of Canton, Ohio is throwing everything we know about clothing out the window: This bitch irons.


Is she some kind of laundry witch? Honestly, we’re scared to ask.


“I just like having crisp, button-down shirts that are ready to wear for work,” Natasha said, as if she couldn’t just let them steam in the shower until the wrinkles are slightly less visible. “It’s actually a little bit meditative for me to do simple chores.”


We simply don’t know what to do with this information, as we were busy pulling our laundry out of the dryer and throwing it haphazardly into a bag. But we’re impressed!


“Natasha is the only person under 50 I know who still irons her clothes,” says friend Sara McLean. “I don’t fully understand it, but I respect it.“


So do we, we think!!


Natasha works as a mid-level marketing professional in a casual office, where most people prefer T-shirts and jeans over blazers and button-downs.


“Oh, I iron my T-shirts too,” Natasha adds. “I like to get those little wrinkles out too.”


Oh wow, even we didn’t know that Natasha took it this far! We stan a full-blown psychopath!!


Many friends and coworkers are baffled by this incredible choice on how to spend 30 minutes of her week.


“Laundry is so exhausting to begin with, I don’t even know where she finds the energy,” says coworker Mariah Richards. “Wouldn’t it be easier just to like, look at your phone instead?”



“I actually do appreciate a crisp shirt in the morning,” adds coworker, Shawn Smith. “That’s why I send them all to the dry cleaners because I don’t fuck with hot metal.”


Coworkers and friends all agree that that shit seems incredibly dangerous – but we think it’s incredibly brave.


“Don’t worry, I’m not like a laundry Nazi or anything,” adds Natasha. “I mean I pair my socks, but that’s just saving me time later.”