Wow! This Woman Only Engages in Screen-Free Masturbation Before Bed

Plenty of us have pre-bedtime habits, and some of them aren’t exactly conducive to good sleep. But one amazing woman has managed to incorporate something both relaxing and mentally healthy into her sleep routine: Amanda Scheffler has made a point to engage only in screen-free masturbation before bed.


“I’ve read all the studies about how screen time in the few hours before bed is detrimental to your sleep,” said Amanda. “That’s why I limit screen time no matter how appealing. But masturbation? I definitely need that to fall asleep.”


Amanda went on to explain how she engages with her clit without engaging with her phone.


“I’ve picked up a book of erotica that has been really great,” she explained. “And I’ve spent a lot of time revisiting some fantasies and replaying some steamy real-life experiences I’ve had in my head. It’s still pretty hot.”


“And frankly, my vibrator does most of the heavy lifting anyway,” Amanda added.


We’re simply shocked, Amanda! How do you do it?


Women across the country are hopping on to the screenless bean-flicking movement.


“I’ve been watching my go-to porn and rubbing one out before bed for as long as I can remember, and of course I never got the restful sleep I was after,” said Mariah Toesch from Oakland. “With Amanda’s pioneering new method, I can get mine and also get rest.”


“I never thought that I could sleep through the night without logging onto r/selfservice and jiggling my bits,” added Darlene Nguyen. “Now, I just fantasize about my next-door neighbor, the one with the calves. Amanda is out here changing lives. I’ve never slept better!”


“Or cum harder,” she added.



But for Amanda, this was all about her.


“I didn’t set out to become this before-bed-habit-influencer,” she said. “I’m just a gal who loves to sleep and also loves to orgasm.”


“Now if you’ll excuse me, it’s getting close to my bedtime,” Amanda added, despite the time being 6 pm.