Wow! Morgan Keeps Her Lanyards From Every Corporate Conference

Talk about cherished memories! Morgan Kells, regional manager of tech sales company Reach, has managed to keep all the lanyards from every corporate conference she has ever attended.


“I have an absolute blast at these conferences and like to keep my lanyards as mementos!” says Morgan, pointing to her wall filled with dozens of identical name tags. “This is from the manager retreat of ‘07, this one is from the Philly meet-and-greet, and oh, yeah, this one is from a conference I was not invited to but my coworker attended so I asked if I could have hers.”


Morgan loves the passion and excitement of a corporate conference and that’s totally fine!


When asked whether she had ever attended a corporate conference and not kept a lanyard, Morgan shook her head.



“Lanyards are a special memory that remind me that I matter,” says Morgan, stroking the bright green one she received at the 2016 Boise conference about administrative assistant strategy. “I would never want to forget these amazing experiences.”


“There was one time the custodian thought they were trash,” says Morgan. “Which was crazy, because obviously these are valuable keepsakes that I should be holding near and dear.”


“Did you see the lanyard from the conference where she was a keynote speaker?” says coworker David Carlton. “That one is framed.”


Still, Morgan has no intention of taking her beloved memories down.


“Each one of these lanyards represents a time this company flew me in coach and put me up at a Best Western in order to talk to other people,” says Morgan. “And I wouldn’t trade that for the world.”


You go, bitch!