Woops! This Black Woman Mentioned Edge Control and Now Her White Friends Think She’s Into Freaky Sex

In this day and age, people across the nation are becoming more and more aware of cultures outside of their own. But not as aware as poor Kenya Jempson expected: this young black woman talked about edge control to her white friends and now they think she’s into freaky sex! Oops!


“We were all shopping at Target, and I offhandedly mentioned that I needed some more edge control,” said Kenya. “All of them blushed and looked at each other, and Kelsey blurted out that she ‘didn’t know I was into that kink life’. That’s when I realized: they didn’t know what I was talking about. But by then, the damage was already done.”


Kenya went on to express her confusion at the unfortunate situation.


“I didn’t really understand why they’d jump to that conclusion,” Kenya said. “Like, I get how the phrase ‘edge control’ could sound sexual. Because of edging? But, we were wandering in the hair product section of a department store. Why would I suddenly bring up my sexual preferences?”


“I guess I’m just really familiar with white women hair care because it’s all you really ever see advertised on TV or in magazines. But it was weird to me that they really had no clue about this pretty ubiquitous black hair product,” she added.


Wow, we’re simply shocked that white women could be this wrong about an extremely common aspect of some black women’s lives!


Kenya’s white friends are going out of their way to support her.


“Honestly, I was pretty honored that Kenya felt comfortable confiding in us that she craves freaky sex,” said Kelsey Bennett, one of Kenya’s white friends. “She was so embarrassed at first, trying to backpedal and say she was talking about a hair thing. But we made sure she knew that we weren’t judging her at all!”



“We’re all sex-positive,” added Jessica Connell, another white friend. “So Kenya talking about her kinky sex life was no big deal to us. Although I’m admittedly still not sure what edge control actually is. I think she said it’s some kind of hair-pulling, grease play thing? I should Google it.”


Kenya, however, doesn’t think her innocent sentiments have been understood by her friends.


“Edge control is literally just a product you use to keep those little frizzy hairs at your hairline in check,” she said. “These are women who use slang terms like ‘that just snatched my wig’ and ‘my edges are gone’, so I assumed they would know what I was referring to. But I guess they just adopt cool aspects of blackness without having any other kind of working knowledge about them.”


“Oh shit, I wonder what they thought I meant when I talked about laying my baby hairs with a toothbrush,” she added.


Probably something weird, Kenya!