Mom Wants to Know When You’d Be Able to Swing Home, Just for a Quick Trip

After a recent moment spent thinking about you, your mother is reportedly curious as to whether you’ve decided when you’d be able to swing home again, you know, just for a quick trip.


Sources confirm that she would like to know sooner rather than later so she can plan accordingly, for instance taking off a couple days of work and making sure the fridge is full of the berries you like. Also, your mother reportedly doesn’t want to put pressure on you to come home, but she’s just hoping you can let her know as soon as you know.


“I love you very much and I know you have to be on the East Coast for your job,” she said. “But the moment you know when you can make a trip back let me know, please. Just a couple days, even one day. No big deal, just a short fun time.”



“So, when do you think?” your mom added.


After reminding your mother that it doesn’t make sense to fly five hours there and back for a ‘quick weekend trip’, she reportedly quickly recalibrated and came up with a new plan that involves meeting in some random city between you two.


“Okay, no big deal, why don’t we just plan to meet in the middle? Somewhere like Topeka,” said your mom, clearly creating this plan right now in an effort to lock you into a plan. “Can you do that? August? September? Next week?”


Your father has definitely noticed your mother’s obvious efforts to convince you to fly home.


“She really wants to see you more but she isn’t really able to say it,” says your dad. “Instead she just proposes super inconvenient options, like offering to take you on a road trip to Maine, or calling you out of the blue trying to convince you to drive to the airport and take a plane to Paris.”


“I’d meet her there! Seriously, Paris is super close, and we can just go for a minute,” your mother chimed in.


At the conclusion of the interview, you texted your mom you were thinking sometime in August, to which she responded:


“Great, first week of August, I am so excited.”


“Hmm, do you think you could stay for a little longer?” she added.