‘Women Are Just Better At Managing The Kids,’ Says Husband With Four Different Fantasy Football Leagues

34-year-old Darryl Edmonson logged into his work laptop this Thursday with the calm and comfort of knowing his kids were being well cared for during the remote school day. His wife, Kristin, was busily managing their schedules while also working her own full-time job remotely.


“You see,” Darryl tells us, “Kristin is just innately better at managing the kids. I would do both jobs so badly if I even tried to do what she does!”


Darryl, who is part of four different fantasy football leagues and fully runs one of them, believes that Kristin is just better built for such a high level of multitasking.


“My wife is really amazing,” Darryl said, after checking on his backup NHL and MLB fantasy leagues while the NFL is yet to begin. “She’s my superhero.”


While her kids are remaining productive and happy, Kristin is struggling to keep up at work.


“I’m at the brink of losing my mind,” Kristin says. “Darryl says he’s exhausted after two hours with the kids, even though I just spent six hours with them with my video off in a Zoom meeting. Every day of this, a piece of me dies.”



“She’s just so damn good at this!” Darryl told us while he also had his video off on a Zoom meeting. “Like, how does she do it?”


“I just started a new anti-anxiety medication,” Kristin told us. “I sleep four hours a night.”


At press time, Darryl asked Kristin if she could make her famous taco dip for his draft party next weekend, and if she could maybe watch the kids for a couple of hours.