Woman Waits for Ice to Melt So She Can Have Second Little Worse Drink

woman drinking iced coffee

In a harrowing story out of Brooklyn, NY, 24-year-old Asha Nicolls is waiting for the ice in her glass to melt so she can have a second, worse drink than the one she had before.


“I’m not sure if anyone’s ever thought about doing this,” Asha told us, “but after I finished my drink, I thought, ‘Wait, there’s still a tiny bit of drink in here, and if I let the ice melt it will make a slightly bigger drink!’”


Currently Asha is holding her semi-empty glass while she paces around a party at her friend’s apartment.


“Oooh! It’s almost ready!” she told us, staring at her glass holding what looks like murky water with some thin ice cubes floating on the top.


Asha took a sip of the drink eventually, but she wasn’t sure if she was impressed or disappointed.


“I honestly don’t know if I like it or not,” she said. “I mean, I knew it wasn’t gonna taste like the drink I had before, but still. It’s just very watered down.”


Witnesses on the scene report that they weren’t very surprised at what took place, considering that Asha had drank almost all of her drink already, just without the ice.



However, Asha still hopes that she can inspire millions of other women to follow in her footsteps.


“I want everyone out there to know that if you finish your drink but you still have ice left,” she told us, “you can go ahead and wait for that ice to melt to make a slightly worse, smaller drink to enjoy later in the night!”