Woman Unsure if She’s Being Told Secret Because She’s a Trusted Friend or Too Insignificant to Matter

In a developing story coming out of a café in Brooklyn, NY, 25-year-old Tisha Lawrell was just told a juicy secret by her friend Camille Johnson, which must mean that Tisha is either a well-trusted friend or so insignificant that it was basically like telling a stranger.


“Camille told me that she’s been hooking up with her coworker and that absolutely no one else knows,” Tisha told reporters while sipping a coffee after Camille left. “At first, I was honored that she chose me to confide in, but now that I think about it, I do wonder if she just told me because I don’t really have anyone to tell anyway.”


According to sources close to these women, Tisha and Camille have only been friends for around two years, but because of the number of tidbits they tell each other about their respective lives, it always seemed like an important friendship. However, Tisha still isn’t 100% sure about that.


“I always thought that we were super close because of how much we tell each other,” Tisha said. “I mean, there are so many things she’s told me that I can’t even say because of how personal they are, and I’ve also told her things about my life, like how I fell down the stairs at a subway station, or how I got ghosted by a guy I met through Reddit, or how my own boss of four years totally forgot my name. Okay, I guess I’m now leaning more towards the ‘insignificant’ option.”


Reporters luckily got a chance to ask Camille about her friendship with Tisha before she got on the train to go home, to which she replied: “Who? Oh, yeah! Love that girl! She’s my best friend!”



Sources close to Camille confirmed that she says that about all of her friends, which makes this situation even more difficult to solve.


“I do know that there is some level of trust and true friendship between us, even if it’s based on me being kind of irrelevant,” Tisha said. “I guess I’ll never truly know, but I’m okay with that. I honestly just love hearing secrets.”


When reminded that she had just told her friend’s office affair to multiple reporters, Tisha surprisingly remained ambivalent.


“Damn, that really sucks if she actually trusted me with that,” Tisha said. “But if she just told me because she never thought I’d get interviewed about it, then that’ll definitely show her!”