Woman Somehow Finds Guy Who’ll Put Up With Her Tinyness And Enthusiasm

Against all odds, Kristen Murphy, a self-described tiny ball of energy, has secured herself a boyfriend, in spite of not being sure whether she would ever find a guy who would love a total spazz like her.


“I thought my hands and feet were too dainty for anyone to like me in that way,” the 5’2” blonde confessed. “Not to mention the fact that I laugh at almost everything and hug everyone I meet. I’m such a dork.”


Murphy met boyfriend Andre Sullivan when Murphy approached him at a bar and told him he was cute. While guys typically recoil at small, bubbly women, Murphy says it was her lucky day.


“Who knew that kind of direct approach would work?” the sprightly little firecracker reflected. “That’s how I knew I’d found a really special guy who would like me for who I am.”



Against all odds, Gordon asked for her number, and the happy couple has been dating for seven months now. The star-crossed lovers reportedly spend their time being “total goofballs” together by going to see movies, ordering cocktails at restaurants, and cuddling on the subway.


While happy to finally be in a relationship, Murphy admits that she still feels jealous of her single friends, of how elegant 6’1 Sarah is, of Ingrid’s sweet shyness and down-to-earth insecurity, and Meg’s boyish figure that can pull off basically anything. Now that her unlikely story has proven to her that soulmates do exist, Murphy remains hopeful that her friends will find love soon.


“If I can find someone, anyone can,” said Murphy with a giggle and a sip of her little pressed juice.


When asked whether she thought her relationship with Sullivan could turn into something serious, Murphy responded that she hoped so, “as long as he can get over my totally obnoxious addiction to cooking full meals for him every day.”