Woman Says ‘I Love This Song’ After Every Song on Her Own Playlist

This past weekend, Atlanta resident Mila Anderson hosted a small party with friends and reportedly kept saying, “I love this song” after every song started, despite the fact that the tunes were coming from a playlist she made by herself.


“I love having my friends over to drink and listen to music,” says Anderson. “I just couldn’t believe every song that came on was seriously a banger. I was like, ‘This song?? Hell yes!’”


And Mila says it’s not just the playlist from the aforementioned party, entitled “MILA’S JAMS”, that gets her worked up: it’s really any playlist in her library.


“’Happy Mila Music,’ ‘Music Mila Likes,’ ‘Tunes Mila Enjoys’, said Anderson. “Those are the top ones, I guess. Oh and ‘Songs Mila Loves.’ It’s wild how good those playlists are.”


Friends of Anderson said they were unsure if she forgot she was the one who created the playlist or if she was looking to pump up the group so someone would express enthusiasm about her playlist.


“I love going to Mila’s house,” said close friend Jasmine Moore. “But she does this every time. We know you love this song, Mila. That’s why playlists exist, so you can make your own list of songs you love. It’s not a surprise to us you will love dancing to your own dance playlist.”



“You have to actively choose songs to save to your playlists,” added Moore. “This isn’t a club or a wedding or something where the DJ turns on an unexpected song and you freak out. She’s the DJ and she’s the one who added ‘Mambo Number 5.’”


“A few glasses of wine in and it’s not just excitement; it’s like she’s utterly shocked that this particular song is playing at this particular moment,” said friend James Nichols. “We listened to this playlist when you invited us over last week. Like I know what’s coming next. How do you not know?”


For a moment, Anderson didn’t respond and seemed distracted. “Sorry,” she said, glancing at her phone hooked up to the aux cord. “I just haven’t thought about this song in years.”


“Except yesterday when I added it to this playlist,” she added.