Woman Posts Extensive Recovery Update on Facebook, Won’t Even Hint at What Happened

Erin Hunter, a 31-year-old San Diego resident, has come a long way in her recovery—and she hasn’t been afraid to share every last detail of her progress on Facebook, without ever revealing what actually happened to her in the first place.


In a recent paragraphs-long social media post, Hunter explained she’s been feeling much better lately, even though she “still has a long way to go.”


“Only with the encouragement of all my friends and family am I able to navigate this healing process,” Hunter wrote. “The incredible outpouring of love gives me strength.” The post has garnered hundreds of likes despite Hunter’s failure to reveal exactly what happened to her.


Friends have responded with comments like, “What happened?” and “OMG what happened??”


In addition, dozens of comments have poured in from concerned friends inquiring about the actual event that landed Hunter in the hospital. Instead of answering their questions, she responded by simply liking each of the comments.


Facebook friends of Hunter haven’t had any luck searching for clues via the tried-and-true method of perusing family members’ social media pages. Extensive lurking confirms that there is no evidence anywhere online of Hunter’s involvement in an accident.


“I’m glad that she’s okay and I’m happy that she wasn’t in a big accident,” friend Kari DiPaolo says. “But it would be nice if she had been so I could have the details.”


Even those closest to Hunter haven’t been able to get to the bottom of the mysterious Facebook post. Hunter’s family members confirm that they, too, are confused by the status update.


“I’ve been trying to reach Erin for days, but every time I call or email her to figure out what’s up, she just forwards me a link to that darned post.” Erin’s father, Jim, explains, “I’m her dad, for Christ’s sake.”


The puzzle of Erin Hunter’s accident may never be solved, but at least her social circle can all rest easy knowing she’s doing so much better, and that her recovery is all thanks to their collective, unwavering love and support.