QUIZ: Does He Like You or Does He Just Like Seeing His Tiny Face Reflected In Your Eyes?

It can be hard to tell how your guy really feels about you. You can do your best to guess what he’s feeling by how he looks at you, but it’s hard to know if he’s really intently looking at you because he loves you, or if he’s just staring at his own awesome reflection in your pupils. Ask yourself these questions to figure out if he likes you or if he just likes seeing his tiny face reflected in your eyes:


What’s your gut reaction when you ask yourself if he likes you?

a.) Yes, I’m pretty sure he likes me.

b.) I have a feeling he just likes seeing his little face inside my eyeballs.


Does he listen to you?

a.) Yes, he really hears me and helps me with my problems.

b.) He’s definitely looking at me, but it doesn’t feel like he’s seeing me? More like he’s searching for the teeny tiny version of himself in there…


Does he look at you when you’re not looking?

a.) Yes, I sometimes catch him staring at me!

b.) No. If we’re not making direct eye contact or holding up something reflective, he basically acts like I’m not there?


Does he go out of his way to show you affection?

a.) He’s always putting his arm around me or holding my hand when we go somewhere!

b.) He definitely goes out of his way to turn my face towards his to kiss me and then longingly stare into my eyes. But I recently asked him what color my eyes are and he didn’t know? So now I think he’s only looking into my eyes to see what he looks like looking into my eyes?


Does he call you beautiful?

a.) Yes, he always makes me feel like I’m the most beautiful woman in the world.

b.) Yes! But I’m starting to think he’s actually talking to the little version of himself he sees that he thinks is really beautiful. Wow, I hate him!





Mostly As:

Sounds like he’s totally into you! Look forward to dating, fun times and love making for years to come. You’ve may have found the one, so don’t let this guy go. We’re so happy for you!


Mostly Bs:

Oh boy, it seems like your guy is in love…with his own reflection! Wow, we can’t believe you found your very own Narcissus. You could be a mirror for all he cares! Maybe it is time to cut him loose if you can get him to hear your voice over his own inner monologue.