Woman Looks at Twitter Drafts to Try and Piece Together What Happened When She Was High

After taking an unusually potent edible last Friday night, Ayesha Willis awoke the next day, disoriented and still a little bit high, immediately looked to her Twitter drafts to piece together what happened before she passed out clutching a sandwich on the floor.


“I’m not exactly sure what was in that edible,” Ayesha said. “But it looks like I had at least 17 unintelligible drafts ready to go, so it must have been between 30 and 50 milligrams.”


Early on, she nearly tweeted, “the sole purpose of humankind is to pet every animal that can’t pet themselves,” which she agrees was pretty profound.



However, later in the evening, Ayesha nearly tweeted, “i am dying” three times in a row, followed by “i love you” and “we are all fundamentally good as human beings” followed by “my dog is the only thing that’s real”.


“I can definitely see the point where my drafts when from pretty funny jokes into some dark shit,” Ayesha said. “That was definitely when I thought I was dying.”


Ayesha noticed a draft around 2am that said, “thank god I’m not dead,” which was around the time that she woke up to finish the sandwich.