Woman Has to Change Hair Products Every Two Years for Some Reason

Janelle has had the same hair care routine ever since she was a kid. However, the only thing that has changed about this process throughout the years is the hundreds of different products she has gone through, solely because she has to change them out every two years for some unknown reason.


Just this week, Janelle bought an entirely new brand of shampoo, conditioner, and styling cream from a different company than she normally buys. Why? The answer is not so simple.


“I’m not totally sure what would happen if I kept using the same hair product for more than two years,” Janelle said. “But I know it wouldn’t be good. It wouldn’t be good at all…”


Many of Janelle’s friends have expressed concern about her compulsive need to change hair care products, especially when the products she was using were already great in the first place.


“I thought she was switching them out because she found out they were damaging her hair or something,” Janelle’s friend Natalie said. “I was afraid because I was using the same stuff as her, but when I asked about it, she just told me that she bought from a different company because ‘they had a cooler label.’”


“What’s the harm in trying out new products every two years or so?” Janelle told reporters. “Sure, maybe I’m falling victim to the everchanging free market of hair care products by being willingly convinced to buy different ones on a cyclical basis, but it’s my right to do so!”


After speaking with Janelle’s mom, friends, and roommates of the past and present, it was confirmed that Janelle has used 32 different brands of deep conditioner, 26 hair serums, 45 shampoos, 52 regular conditioners, but somehow only four different brands of hair gel.


“I’ll always stand by Shine ‘n Jam,” Janelle said. “But everything else is replaceable.”



At press time, Janelle has already bought a brand-new leave-in conditioner from the beauty supply store. 


“This one is literally lavender scented,” she said. “How am I not supposed to at least try it?”