Goodbye Granny Panties, Hello Fun Aunt Panties!

Just when you thought granny panties were in, a new kind of panty is in town, and it’s gonna let you have a drag of its cigarette while your granny’s back is turned. The “fun aunt” panty is all about pink flamingos in the front yard and wearing slippers all day while devising ways to trick her Cutlass Ciera’s alcohol monitor. Find out if you’re ready to rock this aunty undie trend by asking yourself the questions below:


Are “fun aunt” panties right for me?

Fun aunt panties go high enough on your waist that you don’t have to worry about your butt crack showing as you ease into your favorite lawn chair, but not so high that you can’t flaunt your belly button ring. They are the perfect choice for a day of tailgating for a Jimmy Buffet concert you don’t even have tickets to. You may not be old enough to drink, but the fun aunt panty won’t tell your parents if you don’t.


Will fun aunt panties fit me?

The panties are super stretchy, so they will always fit. Which is great, because like any fun aunt, this panty always has ice cream at her house and will let you stay up as late as you want. They are always comfortable, and always having fun, even if the only friend around is a cat named Pussy.



Are they cute?

You bet your tattooed butt they are! They come in a variety of animal prints and neons, which make them easy to find in the clothes pile at the foot of your waterbed. They pair well with an off the shoulder kimono and a very public meltdown at the next high school reunion.


What about the male gaze?

The best part is that fun aunt panties are all about you, not about attracting some man. In fact, the last time your fun aunt panties saw any action was on that booze cruise on the night Reagan was reelected. Be glad that these panties can’t talk or you would never hear the end of it.


See you never, granny panties; fun aunt panties are here to stay!