A-Line Dress Inspiration: Female-Only Bathroom Signs

Have you ever walked into the ladies’ room, glanced at the sign on the bathroom door, and thought, Whoa—cute dress! Of course you have. A-line dresses are a timeless summer staple, and no one rocks them better than the faceless stick figures on ladies’ public restroom signage. Even if you’re not a stark white shape with hard angles, you can benefit from this iconography’s breezy summer style. Here’s how:


Bathroom signs dress to flatter their shape.

Not all A-line dresses are created equal, and what works for you might not work for your friend or a standardized design element. In other words, it’s crucial to tailor trends to your shape. Bathroom signs chose the perfect A-line dress for their boxy, handless, footless bodies. Follow their lead and you’ll be loving your curves in no time!


Bathroom signs aren’t afraid to have a uniform.

Experimenting may be fun, but true personal style means consistency. Think of Grace Coddington, Janelle Monáe, or a bathroom sign—those ladies know what works for them and they stick to it. Take a look at your favorite outfit, analyze its features, and buy a few similar pieces to build a capsule wardrobe. Once you know which pieces work for you, wear them every day. Why not?! After all, when was the last time you saw a bathroom sign wearing anything other than her signature A-line frock?


Bathroom signs know when to borrow from the boys.

Fashion is all about androgyny, and nobody knows that better than bathroom signs. Combining a feminine A-line dress with a shaved head like they do adds a bit of interest and takes the look from one-dimensional to two-dimensional, which is what bathroom signs are. If you’re not ready for a radical haircut, try accessorizing your A-line dress with menswear-inspired oxfords for a similar androgynous-chic effect.



Bathroom signs have confidence.

As with any other article of clothing, the trick to pulling off an A-line dress is not caring what anyone else thinks. Bathroom signs know how to tune out the haters by being unable to hear because they are signs. Just look into their empty faces. So serene, right?! That’s the faceless face of someone who is dressing for her!


Clearly, there’s a lot of style inspiration to be found in these public bathroom identifiers. And it doesn’t stop there—don’t even get us started on Walk signs!