Woman Complains About Working From Home to Her Friend Who Was Just Laid Off

In a stunning lack of self-awareness, Sheryl Scope spent a good part of a phone conversation Monday complaining to her recently laid-off friend Amadi about the banalities of working home.


Amadi Castro, who had just been laid off two days ago, was caught off guard.


“Corona’s been really rough on everyone,” Sheryl says. “Especially for those of us trying to work from home. A week ago I didn’t even know what a Zoom call was!”


Amadi is worried her hot water will be turned off sooner rather than later.



“I just lost my entire income in the span of days,” Amadi explains. “And now she’s telling me how she’s gonna miss the free coffee at the office? I hate her.”


Despite Amadi’s fears for her mental and physical wellbeing as well as her family’s, Sheryl went on to list several unexpected headaches and quirks of receiving a full salary while working from home.


“I have to remind myself to get up and move! Before I’d go to lunch and now I have to make it, which honestly means I’m saving money and eating healthier, but still… it’s a lot of work.”


As the call ended Amadi mentioned that she was trying to figure out which of her prescriptions will be worth paying for out of pocket and how to get unemployment via the nonresponsive government website.


“I know right?” Sheryl said. “The wifi was way faster at my office, this totally sucks.”