Why I’m Waiting To Have Sex Until Someone Asks Me To

Choosing to have sex with someone is a very personal decision, and only you can know if and when it feels right. While I don’t want to shame my many sexually active friends, at this point in my life, sex is just not for me. I’m waiting to have sex so it can be with the right person, and by the right person I mean literally the first person who asks me to.


I don’t consider myself a prude; I just haven’t found the person I want to share myself with yet. And when I do, I’ll know they’re the person I want to take that step with because they will have been the very first person to offer to sleep with me. I will be very grateful when that person arrives in my life.


To be clear: I want to have sex, but no one has reached out to me expressing interest in doing that. Until that happens, I will not be just rushing into having sex. Sex is so much more than that.


Other women sometimes ask me how I’ve been able to discipline myself for so long. Well, it’s definitely been a challenge, but it’s one I’m committed to until I meet someone who loves me for what’s on the inside. Also, in many ways it’s been very easy because nobody has ever loved me for what’s on the outside, either. It’s okay. I’ll wait..


If any women out there are also holding out to have sex, you are not alone. While some of you may be waiting for marriage or “the one”, rest assured that is not the case for me. I am simply a woman who has never been asked to make love, and so I remain a virgin.


Again, I do not wish to be a virgin. Someone please offer to fuck me. I want fingers in there (when I’m ready, which I am).


Sometimes I lose faith in myself. I wonder, is this wait really worth it? Will I know the right person to give myself to if they come along? But then I remember I don’t fucking care who it is and what they’re like. I just want to fuck, so if someone could invite me to fuck that would be much appreciated as I am pretty sick of waiting and want to do the dirty stuff today or ASAP!



My choice isn’t for everyone, and it certainly isn’t for me, once I figure out how to get someone to want to have sex with me.