Why I’m Okay With Men Manipulating Me as Long as They’re Nathan Fielder

It’s no big news to say that some men can be master manipulators in relationships, which is awful and needs to be recognized as such, but for me, I’m perfectly okay with being manipulated – but only when it’s Nathan Fielder pulling the strings in an elaborate yet endearing way.


While I’m definitely not condoning gaslighting, love bombing, or forcing someone to accept a different version of reality in any way, I am totally okay with being on a show like Nathan For You or The Rehearsal and following along with Nathan Fielder’s diabolical scheme.


What can I say? I love his work!


I’ve been in lots of other relationships, some good, some bad, but I always draw the line when I sense that the man I’m dating is trying to control me. I’m just not interested in that kind of relationship. However, if Nathan told me that he was going to make me rehearse telling my friends a deep dark secret, or film a fake viral video to drum up press for a small petting zoo, that would be perfectly okay with me, because I think he’s really funny.



I have no issue being under someone’s control, just as long as they’re really clever and the final product ends up being hilarious.


Obviously, I would have to reconsider things if Nathan did something like trying to play the victim, or didn’t take no for an answer, but usually he just talks to people after rehearsing the same exact situation over and over again, or he suggests lofty ideas to bring in business for struggling companies. How could I be mad at that?


I’ll gladly be manipulated by Nathan Fielder any day, but I just can’t say the same for any other man on the planet.


Maybe if I dated a man who could construct an identical model of my favorite bar, or work tirelessly to save a failing hot dog business, then I would love being manipulated by him too. But unfortunately, I haven’t found a single lover capable of that kind of determined, deadpan, alternative, cringe comedy.


So while I have zero tolerance for manipulation in my relationships, I’ll gladly be lied to and manipulated by the producer of How To with John Wilson. After all, he’s a comedic genius! Plus, I wanna be on TV.