Why I Don’t Trust Anyone Except Whoever Is the Top Response on Quora

It can be hard to know who you should trust for personal advice, or just facts about the world. Google can be deceiving, and there is so much misinformation out there that can lead you astray. That’s precisely why I’ve made the decision to ignore all of these people and sketchy websites and go straight to the top response on Quora for the answers to all of my pressing questions instead.


Life has taught me to doubt people’s motivations. Everyone’s got some game: some BS they’re trying to sell you for their own gain. Well, everyone except the people on Quora. Just yesterday I felt a little off and typed my symptoms into the search bar, and someone named “MR. GANGNAM STYLE” on Quora told me that I’m probably pregnant. I’m so thankful that someone out there with knowledge on the subject could so graciously help me out, and I’m so excited to become a new mom!


Generally, I’m a skeptical person. I’ve been lied to, hurt, let down. But despite no one citing their sources or even giving their own names, Quora is a place where I know everyone has the best intentions and wants to help people as best they can, so much so that I don’t even ask my own questions on there, I just look for a question that’s close enough to my situation and then take it from there!



These days, you can’t even trust the news! Two publications will report on the same event including disparate collections of facts, and it’s like, what is reality?! On Quora, people also disagree, but that’s irrelevant because I only read the top answer, and if I even try to read more it tries to get me to “sign in” and, like, I may use this service every day but no I’m not creating an account.


Quora also has one of the most reputable selections of qualified health professionals, historical scholars, and experts on anything you could imagine. I don’t even need to research anything because all the answers I need are already on there. In fact, I used Quora on every research paper I wrote in college, and even though I’m repeating World History 101 for the fifth time, I can’t wait to use it again this semester!


So next time you think that a trusted friend, professor, or medical professional would know the answer to your specific problem or question, think again. Quora has everything you need and more, especially if you want to see a bunch of different people fighting with each other in the comments.