‘What’s Your Schedule Like Tomorrow?’ Asks Friend Who You Have Plans With Tonight

Hours before your made-days-in-advance plans to grab drinks and catch up, your longtime friend Ruby Morales texted, “Hey what’s your schedule like tomorrow?”


“Totally okay if you’re busy,” she added quickly. “Just wondering!”


Ruby, who does this all the fucking time, sent the message as a precursor to her canceling plans with you, again.


“But we can honestly still grab drinks tonight, I’m not trying to ditch you,” she added, as you changed into sweatpants and poured yourself a glass of wine, knowing full well that you will not actually be seeing her tonight.


Other mutual friends have caught on to Ruby’s capricious behavior.


“She schedules a hang way in advance and always has some reason why she can’t come the day of,” said Janet Redd. “It’s annoying to clear my whole night for her just to be flaked on all the time. Seems like it’d be easier to skip the whole process?”


“I’ve never had her follow through on plans she’s made with me, even once,” added Kenya Trent. I’d understand if she was dealing with depression or some other difficult thing that would make her more inclined to have to cancel things last minute to take care of herself, but she’s not. She’s just kind of a shitty friend.”



But Ruby presses on.


“Hey, I’m super sorry, but I’ve gotta reschedule tonight,” she texted, as expected, as you lower yourself into the bubble bath you prepared. “I suddenly feel super sick, think I have food poisoning again!! UGH!!”


“Let’s do next week!”, she added.