Nancy Is Engaging With Showing Her Cleavage a Little More

Yesterday morning, Nancy Garullo decided to wear a low cut top in an effort to engage with showing her cleavage a little more.


“I usually wear crew necks or button-up blouses, but this morning I thought, hey, I’ve got boobs. Why not show them off more?” said Nancy. “I have a hypothesis of what might happen, but let’s see what results I yield when I show my cleavage.”


Nancy woke up this morning and removed her pajamas in front of the mirror. As she put on a bra, she realized that her breasts looked amazing today and maybe she should entertain the idea of showing them off just a little bit.


“I just chose a top that sort of states, ‘Here are my boobs and of course my nipples are hiding, but one move and you might find yourself getting a gander,” says Nancy. “There’s an inherent danger here now that I’m interested in engaging with.”


Nancy’s efforts to show a little more boob have others taking notice, but not in the way Nancy thought they would.


“Nancy looks hot as hell today,” says Lily Goshen, Nancy’s roommate. “That bitch is on fire!”


In hearing her roommate’s reaction to her boobs, Nancy was quick to put Lily in her place.


“It is an attempt to engage with a new behavior to see if it affects my day to day experience,” says Nancy. “My boobs are pushed up and together today, so my cleavage is now entering the public sphere and as we can see, it’s already sparking a dialogue.”



Sources confirm Nancy does think she looks sexy, but that’s not the point.


“Think of me as an experimenteur, not a girl with breasts that happen to look fucking perfect today,” says Nancy.


Nancy confirms her next experiment will involve jeans that make her ass looks incredible.