What to Do If Your Friend Shows Up to the Party Wearing the Same Defeated Expression As You

Sometimes it feels like every party is the same: You knock back a few drinks, park in the corner to scope the room, and you see one of your friends wearing the same exact beleaguered expression as you. How embarrassing! So what do you do when your friend is also wearing the same sad, resigned face as you and is somehow wearing it better? Don’t worry! Here’s what to do when your friend shows up wearing the same defeated expression:


Add a Furrowed Brow

You might be embarrassed about your twinning expressions, but if you add uniquely concerned look with a furrowed brow, you’ll find your countenance stands out on its own again. Phew! Now you not only wear the look of someone who knows this party will be a disappointment, but also you look like someone who is suspicious of anyone who seems invested in having a good time.


Tell a Joke!

You may be inclined to feel defensive or upset seeing your friend wearing the exact same expression as you, but don’t give into the temptation. Instead, tell your friend a joke to cheer her depressed little face up, so that you’re the only one wearing sadness in the room again. No one is more defeated than you, and this joke will prove it!



Let out a Fart

The smell of your own farts may not bother you, but your friend will definitely be grossed out, especially if she doesn’t know it’s you who farted. Her look of suspicion while scanning of the room will contrast with your jaded attitude towards those around you. Now you’re back on top!


Light a Fire to Spark Fear

It can be hard to manipulate others’ expressions, so bring their instinct for survival into the mix and light a fire so your friend has no choice but to say, “AHHHH!” with a big, open face. Bonus: the party will almost definitely be over and you’ll get to go home, with a story about the night that is better than “ugh, it was fine…” Talk about two birds, one stone!


It can feel embarrassing when you realize you’re wearing the same beleaguered expression as a friend, but don’t let that ruin the party more than you’ve already ruined the party for yourself. With any of these tips, you’ll be able to fix the situation—without fixing your attitude!